BISON PANEL is a German Technology Product, and is the best Cement Bonded Particle Board available in our Country. It is excellent in Quality has wide range of Multifarious Applications, Sustainable to all Weather Conditions, Environmental / Eco-friendly Easy to handle; and most Cost Effective. Finally it may be summarized that it is as strong as a Cement Product and as workable as wood thus making it as an excelling Cement Board for Building Construction.Bison panel a safe material because the risk is more due to smoke than due to actual fire. Boards in which synthetic resins are used as bonding material, emit heavy smoke and toxic fumes which are dangerous to health. Whereas Bison Panels when set fire may emit negligible smoke which is non-toxic and harmless. This apart Bison Panel is 100% Asbestos free.Bison Panel has smooth surface and needs no surface preparation. The board can take any surface finish from lime wash to water bound distemper ; and from emulsion paint to lamination and paper overlays. Where as water based paints cannot be applied on most of the other Timber based boards.
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